First Experiment at TASCA Towards X-Ray Fingerprinting of Element 115 Decay Chains

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title = "First Experiment at TASCA Towards X-Ray Fingerprinting of Element 115 Decay Chains",
abstract = "To identify the atomic number of superheavy nuclei produced in Ca-48-induced fusion-evaporation reactions, an experiment aiming at measuring characteristic X-rays is being prepared at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany. The gas-filled separator TASCA will be employed, sending the residues towards the multi-coincidence detector setup TASISpec. Two ion-optical modes relying on differing magnetic polarities of the quadrupole magnets can be used at TASCA. New simulations and experimental tests of transmission and background suppression for these two focusing modes into TASISpec are presented.",
author = "Ulrika Forsberg and Pavel Golubev and Sarmiento, {L. G.} and Johan Jeppsson and Dirk Rudolph and Andersson, {L. -L.} and D. Ackermann and M. Asai and M. Block and K. Eberhardt and J. Even and D{\"u}llmann, {Ch. E.} and J. Dvorak and Gates, {J. M.} and Gregorich, {K. E.} and Herzberg, {R. -D.} and He{\ss}berger, {F. P.} and E. J{\"a}ger and J. Khuyagbaatar and I. Kojouharov and Kratz, {J. V.} and J. Krier and N. Kurz and S. Lahiri and B. Lommel and M. Maiti and E. Merchan and Omtvedt, {J. P.} and E. Parr and J. Runke and H. Schaffner and M. Sch{\"a}del and A. Yakushev",
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