First Measurement of Beta Decay Half-lives in Neutron-rich Tl and Bi Isotopes

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title = "First Measurement of Beta Decay Half-lives in Neutron-rich Tl and Bi Isotopes",
abstract = "Neutron-rich isotopes around lead, beyond N = 126, have been studied exploiting the fragmentation of an uranium primary beam at the FRS-RISING setup at GSI. For the first time beta-decay half-lives of Bi-219 and Tl-211,Tl-212,Tl-213 isotopes have been derived. The half-lives have been extracted using a numerical simulation developed for experiments in high-background conditions. Comparison with state of the art models used in r-process calculations is given, showing a systematic underestimation of the experimental values, at variance from close-lying nuclei. (c) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.",
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