First Superheavy Element Experiments at the GSI Recoil Separator TASCA: The Production and Decay of Element 114 in the 244Pu(48Ca,3-4n) Reaction

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Experiments with the new recoil separator, Transactinide Separator and Chemistry Apparatus (TASCA), at the GSI were performed by using beams of Ca-48 to irradiate targets of Pb206-208, which led to the production of No252-254 isotopes. These studies allowed for evaluation of the performance of TASCA when coupled to a new detector and electronics system. By following these studies, the isotopes of element 114 ((288-291)114) were produced in irradiations of Pu-244 targets with Ca-48 beams at compound nucleus excitation energies around 41.7 and 37.5 MeV, demonstrating TASCA's ability to perform experiments with picobarn-level cross sections. A total of 15 decay chains were observed and were assigned to the decay of 288-291114. A new a-decay branch in (281)Ds was observed, leading to the new nucleus (277)Hs.


  • J. M. Gates
  • Ch E. Duellmann
  • M. Schaedel
  • A. Yakushev
  • A. Tuerler
  • K. Eberhardt
  • J. V. Kratz
  • D. Ackermann
  • L. -L. Andersson
  • M. Block
  • W. Bruechle
  • J. Dvorak
  • H. G. Essel
  • P. A. Ellison
  • J. Even
  • Jnaneswari Gellanki
  • A. Gorshkov
  • R. Graeger
  • K. E. Gregorich
  • W. Hartmann
  • R. -D. Herzberg
  • F. P. Hessberger
  • D. Hild
  • A. Huebner
  • E. Jaeger
  • J. Khuyagbaatar
  • B. Kindler
  • J. Krier
  • N. Kurz
  • S. Lahiri
  • D. Liebe
  • B. Lommel
  • M. Maiti
  • H. Nitsche
  • J. P. Omtvedt
  • E. Parr
  • J. Runke
  • H. Schaffner
  • B. Schausten
  • E. Schimpf
  • A. Semchenkov
  • J. Steiner
  • P. Thoerle-Pospiech
  • J. Uusitalo
  • M. Wegrzecki
  • N. Wiehl
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  • Subatomic Physics
Original languageEnglish
Article number054618
JournalPhysical Review C (Nuclear Physics)
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Publication categoryResearch

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