Fractionation of process water in thermomechanical pulp mills.

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title = "Fractionation of process water in thermomechanical pulp mills.",
abstract = "In this work process water from a thermomechanical pulp mill was divided into five fractions by filtration and membrane filtration. Suspended matter was mainly isolated in the retentate from the drum filter, extractives in the microfiltration retentate, hemicelluloses in the ultrafiltration retentate and lignin in the nanofiltration retentate. The final water fraction was of fresh water quality. For each tonne of pulp produced, about 10kg of suspended matter, more than 0.3kg of extractives, 11kg of hemicelluloses and 8kg of aromatic compounds (lignin) could be recovered from the drum filtration retentate, the microfiltration retentate, the ultrafiltration retentate and the nanofiltration retentate, respectively. About 40{\%} of the treated process water could be recovered as fresh water.",
author = "Tobias Persson and Holger Krawczyk and Anna-Karin Nordin and Ann-Sofi J{\"o}nsson",
year = "2010",
doi = "10.1016/j.biortech.2009.12.142",
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