Functional characterisation of mutations in the ligand-binding domain of the androgen receptor gene in patients with androgen insensitivity syndrome

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Five mutations in the ligand-binding domain of the androgen receptor gene were identified in patients with complete (A765T, C784Y, R831X and M895T) or partial (R830G) androgen insensitivity, A765T and R831X have been reported previously whereas the other three mutations are novel. Receptors carrying these mutations were transiently expressed in COS-1 cells, and androgen binding and capacity to transactivate an androgen-responsive reporter gene were assayed. C784Y led to abolished androgen binding and transactivating capacity, R840G and M895T showed reduced specific binding and partial transactivation. The in vitro functions of the R840G and M895T mutants were improved with supraphysiological concentrations of steroid.


  • Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman
  • Andrej Nikoshkov
  • Kristina Lindsten
  • Birgitta Byström
  • Ake Pousette
  • Alexander V. Chibalin
  • Sivonne Arvidsson
  • Anatoly Tiulpakov
  • Tatiana V. Semitcheva
  • Valentina Peterkova
  • Kerstin Hagenfeldt
  • E. Martin Ritzén
  • Anna Wedell
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  • Karolinska University Hospital
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)529-531
JournalHuman Genetics
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1998 Dec 9
Publication categoryResearch
Externally publishedYes