Geant4-aided Quantum State Selective Decay Spectroscopy of 213Ra

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title = "Geant4-aided Quantum State Selective Decay Spectroscopy of 213Ra",
abstract = "Utilizing the excellent mass resolving power of SHIPTRAP and the charged-particle-g multicoincidence setup TASISpec, the decay path of the 213Ra ground state can be exclusively studied. Based on virtual experiments with Geant4 it is possible to refine the a-branching ratios of the 213Ra ground state as well as g-ray branching ratios in the 209Rn daughter. The present study provides a proof of concept where clean quantum-state selective particle-g decay spectroscopy is used in conjunction with detailed Geant4 Monte-Carlo simulations to gain insight into nuclear structure properties.",
keywords = "gamma-ray spectroscopy, Penning trap, Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulations, nuclear shell model",
author = "Ch. Lorenz and Luis Sarmiento and Dirk Rudolph and M Block",
year = "2017",
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