Geriatric care in European countries where geriatric medicine is still emerging

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title = "Geriatric care in European countries where geriatric medicine is still emerging",
abstract = "Purpose: Practicing geriatric medicine is a challenging task since it involves working together with other medical doctors while coordinating a multidisciplinary team. Global Europe Initiative (GEI) group within the European Geriatric Medicine Society gathers geriatricians from different regions where geriatrics is underrepresented or still developing to promote initiatives for the advancement of geriatric medicine within these countries. Methods: Here we present a first effort to describe several aspects that affect practicing geriatric medicine in five different countries: Greece, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, and Tunisia. Results: We can notice discrepancies between countries concerning all dimensions of geriatrics (recognition, training, educational and professional standards, academic representation, working context). Conclusions: These differences correspond to the specificities of each country and set the frame where geriatric medicine is going to be developed across Europe. EuGMS with GEI group can provide useful support.",
keywords = "Development, Educational and professional standards, Geriatric medicine, Recognition, Service organisation",
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