Gold in Guleboda. A Byzantine gold coin from southern Småland

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title = "Gold in Guleboda. A Byzantine gold coin from southern Sm{\aa}land",
abstract = "The purpose of this paper is to discuss the find of a Byzantine solidus in Guleboda, {\"A}lmeboda parish, southern Sm{\aa}land. This coin was found in an area that has never been central in any respect, and where at first sight there hardly seems to have been any Iron Age settlement at all. The purpose of the article is to try to contextualize the find. Other finds from the same site are discussed as well as contemporary gold objects in the region. It is argued that the fact that the coin has been worn as a pendant could imply that it was used as an insignia, perhaps as a token for the wearer{\textquoteright}s participation in military raids on the Continent.",
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