Grafted biomembranes containing membrane proteins--the case of the leucine transporter

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title = "Grafted biomembranes containing membrane proteins--the case of the leucine transporter",
abstract = "Here, we bind the sodium dependent amino acid transporter on nitrilotriacetic acid/polyethylene glycol functionalized gold sensors in detergents and perform a detergent-lipid exchange with phosphatidylcholine. We characterize the LeuT structure in the adsorbed film by magnetic contrast neutron reflection using the predicted model from molecular dynamic simulations.",
keywords = "Amino Acid Transport Systems/chemistry, Detergents/chemistry, Gold/chemistry, Lipid Bilayers/chemistry, Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Nitrilotriacetic Acid/chemistry, Phosphatidylcholines/chemistry, Polyethylene Glycols/chemistry, Quartz Crystal Microbalance Techniques, Sodium/chemistry",
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