Herwig 7.2 release note

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title = "Herwig 7.2 release note",
abstract = "A new release of the Monte Carlo event generator Herwig (version 7.2) is now available. This version introduces a number of improvements over the major version 7.0, notably: multi-jet merging with the dipole shower at LO and NLO QCD; spin correlations in both the dipole and angular-ordered parton showers; an improved choice of evolution variable in the angular-ordered parton shower; improvements to mass effects and top decays in the dipole shower, improvements to the simulation of multiple-parton interactions, including diffractive processes; a new model for baryonic colour reconnection; improvements to strangeness production; as well as a new tune of the hadronisation parameters and support for generic Lorentz structures in BSM models. This article illustrates new features of versions 7.1 and 7.2.",
author = "Johannes Bellm and Gavin Bewick and {Ferrario Ravasio}, Silvia and Stefan Gieseke and David Grellscheid and Patrick Kirchgae{\ss}er and Frash{\"e}r Loshaj and Masouminia, {Mohammad R.} and Graeme Nail and Andreas Papaefstathiou and Simon Pl{\"a}tzer and Radek Podskubka and Michael Rauch and Christian Reuschle and Peter Richardson and Peter Schichtel and Seymour, {Michael H.} and Andrzej Si{\'o}dmok and Stephen Webster",
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