High-spin States in the Transitional Nucleus 88Mo

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title = "High-spin States in the Transitional Nucleus 88Mo",
abstract = "The reaction Ni-58(Ar-36, alpha-qp)88Mo has been studied at 145 MeV beam energy. A detector array consisting of the OSIRIS spectrometer, four charged-particle DELTA-E detectors and seven NE213 neutron detectors has been used to meaure the gamma radiation in gamma-gamma- and particle-gamma-gamma-coincidence mode. The level scheme of 88Mo has been extended up to 11.6 MeV excitation energy and probable spin 23h; some 70 transitions and 40 levels have been identified. Spin assignments have been proposed on the basis of measured DCO ratios. Hartree Fock cranking calculations of the Total Routhians and shell model calculations of the high spin states are presented which imply near-sphericity of the yrast line up to the highest spins found. A classification of the high spin states according to their leading seniority is proposed.",
author = "M. Weiszflog and Lieb, {K. P.} and F. Cristancho and Gross, {C. J.} and A. Jungclaus and Dirk Rudolph and H. Grawe and J. Heese and Maier, {K. H.} and R. Schubart and J. Eberth and S. Skoda",
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year = "1992",
doi = "10.1007/BF01291507",
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