Holography-guided ptychography with soft X-rays

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title = "Holography-guided ptychography with soft X-rays",
abstract = "Ptychography is a lensless imaging technique that aims to reconstruct an object from a set of coherent diffraction patterns originating from different and partially overlapping sample illumination areas. For a successful convergence of the iterative algorithms used, the sample scan positions have to be known with very high accuracy. Here, we present a method that allows to directly encode this information in the diffraction patterns without the need of accurate position encoders. Our approach relies on combining ptychography with another coherent imaging method, namely Fourier-transform holography. We have imaged two different objects using coherent soft-X-ray illumination and investigate the influence of experimental and numerical position refinement on the reconstruction result. We demonstrate that holographically encoded positions significantly reduce the experimental and numerical requirements. Our ptychographic reconstructions cover a large field of view with diffraction-limited resolution and high sensitivity in the reconstructed phase shift and absorption of the objects.",
author = "Piet Hessing and Bastian Pfau and Erik Guehrs and Michael Schneider and Laura Shemilt and Jan Geilhufe and Stefan Eisebitt",
year = "2016",
month = "1",
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doi = "10.1364/OE.24.001840",
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