Host genetic resistance to symptomatic norovirus (GGII.4) infections in Denmark

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title = "Host genetic resistance to symptomatic norovirus (GGII.4) infections in Denmark",
abstract = "A total of 61 individuals involved in five norovirus outbreaks in Denmark were genotyped at nucleotides 428 and 571 of the FUT2 gene, determining secretor status, i.e., the presence of ABH antigens in secretions and on mucosa. A strong correlation (P = 0.003) was found between the secretor phenotype and symptomatic disease, extending previous knowledge and confirming that nonsense mutations in the FUT2 gene provide protection against symptomatic norovirus (GGII.4) infections.",
keywords = "Caliciviridae Infections/epidemiology, Codon, Nonsense, Denmark, Disease Outbreaks, Fucosyltransferases/genetics, Genotype, Humans, Immunity, Innate/genetics",
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