Hymns to unknown heroines part II

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title = "Hymns to unknown heroines part II",
abstract = "Hymns to Unknown Heroines, part II, 2014Found photographs, inkjet prints, vintage objects, list of countries and years women gained full voting rights, archive material, Six newly produced banners, and re-print of Frigga Carlbergs publicationsHymns to unknown heroines is based on an anonymous photographic archive from the 1920s that depicts a Scottish family over several years. Many of the photographs portray women engaged in recreational activities, portraying an undemanding lifestyle that can be contrasted to the violent battle that was being fought at the time for women’s right to vote. The photos are shown together with archive material from the suffragette movement, including texts, books, and objects.The work, which was first shown in Copenhagen in 2013, was extended in this second iteration with references to the Swedish suffrage movement and one of its key figures, Frigga Carlberg (1851–1925), a radical spokeswoman in the debate on gender equality who also had controversial links with the British suffragettes.",
author = "Maj Hasager",
year = "2014",
language = "English",
publisher = "Malm{\"o} konstmuseum",