Identifying the Authors’ National Variety of English in Social Media Texts

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title = "Identifying the Authors{\textquoteright} National Variety of English in Social Media Texts",
abstract = "In this paper, we present a study for the identification of authors{\textquoteright} national variety of English in texts from social media. In data from Facebook and Twitter, information about the author{\textquoteright}s social profile is annotated, and the national English variety (US, UK, AUS, CAN, NNS) that each author uses is attributed. We tested four feature types: formal linguistic features, POS features, lexicon-based features related to the different varieties, and data-based features from each English variety. We used various machine learning algorithms for the classification experiments, and we implemented a feature selectionprocess. The classification accuracy achieved, when the 31 highest rankedfeatures were used, was up to 77.32%. The experimental results are evaluated, and the efficacy of the ranked features discussed.",
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