Impact Assessment of Developed Applications – Overall interactIVe Assessment

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interactIVe introduces active intervention safety systems in order to increase traffic safety. The interactIVe functions are – depending on their purpose – able to brake and steer autonomously. Furthermore, the driver is continuously supported by interactIVe assistance systems which warn the driver in potentially dangerous situations. Seven demonstrator vehicles – six passenger cars of different vehicle classes and one truck - are built up in interactIVe to develop, test, and evaluate the next generation of safety systems.
The three vertical subprojects in interactIVe SECONDS, INCA and EMIC have developed 11 different functions with a wide range of target areas. The developed advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) comprise the following systems:
• SP4 “SECONDS” dealing with functions, which support the driver continuously in the driving process. These functions should not only support the driver in dangerous situations, but help the driver to avoid them.
• SP5 “INCA” dealing with functions, which combine longitudinal and lateral control of the vehicle in order to prevent imminent accidents. The INCA functions’ focus is not only on the collision avoidance in rear-end conflicts, but also on other types of conflicts, such as blind-spot and road departure situations.
• SP6 “EMIC” deals with critical pre-crash applications, where collision mitigation can be realised at a reasonable cost.
In order to evaluate the ADAS developed, an evaluation framework is required. Therefore, the subproject “Evaluation and Legal Aspects” is part of the interactIVe project, which has as main objective to provide this framework and to support the vertical subprojects in their evaluation work.
The evaluation of the interactIVe functions has been divided into three main categories:
• Technical Assessment to evaluate the performance of the developed functions and collect information and data for safety impact assessment.
• User-Related Assessment to assess the functions from the user perspective, and also to provide further input to the safety impact assessment.
• Impact Assessment to estimate how and how much the functions influence traffic safety.
In this deliverable, the results of the evaluation in interactIVe are presented.


  • Felix Fahrenkrog
  • Adrian Zlocki
  • Jan Dobberstein
  • Susanne Schönebeck
  • Eva Garcia
  • Moises Rial
  • Annika Larsson
  • Clemens Kaufmann
  • Anna Persson
  • Andras Varhelyi
  • Taoufik Bakri
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  • Infrastructure Engineering
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VolumeDeliverable D7.5
Publication statusPublished - 2013
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VolumeDeliverable D7.5