Improved Greedy Nonrandomness Detectors for Stream Ciphers

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title = "Improved Greedy Nonrandomness Detectors for Stream Ciphers",
abstract = "We consider the problem of designing distinguishers and nonrandomness detectors for stream ciphers using the maximum degree monomial test. We construct an improved algorithm to determine the subset of key and IV-bits used in the test. The algorithm is generic, and can be applied to any stream cipher. In addition to this, the algorithm is highly tweakable, and can be adapted depending on the desired computational complexity. We test the algorithm on the stream ciphers Grain-128a and Grain-128, and achieve significantly better results compared to an earlier greedy approach.",
author = "Linus Karlsson and Martin Hell and Paul Stankovski",
year = "2017",
month = "2",
language = "English",
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pages = "225--232",
booktitle = "Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy",
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