Increase in cardiac P2X1-and P2Y2-receptor mRNA levels in congestive heart failure

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title = "Increase in cardiac P2X1-and P2Y2-receptor mRNA levels in congestive heart failure",
abstract = "We wanted to study the expression of P2-receptors at the mRNA-level in the heart and if it is affected by congestive heart failure (CHF). To quantify the P2 receptor mRNA-expression we used a competitive RT-PCR protocol which is based on an internal RNA standard. The P2 receptor mRNA-expression was quantified in hearts from CHF rats and compared to sham-operated rats. Furthermore, the presence of receptor mRNA was studied in the myocardium from patients with heart failure. In the sham operated rats the G-protein coupled P2Y-receptors were expressed at a higher level than the ligand gated ion-channel receptor (P2X1). Among the P2Y-receptors the P2Y6-receptor was most abundantly expressed (P2Y6 > P2Y1 > P2Y2 = P2Y4 > P2X1). A prominent change was seen for the P2X1- and P2Y2-receptor mRNA levels which were increased 2.7-fold and 4.7-fold respectively in the myocardium from the left ventricle of CHF-rats. In contrast, the P2Y1-, P2Y4- and P2Y6-receptor mRNA levels were not significantly altered in CHF rats. In human myocard the P2X1-, P2Y1-, P2Y2-, P2Y6- and P2Y11-receptors were detected by RT-PCR in both right and left atria and ventricles, while the P2Y4-receptor band was weak or absent. In conclusion, most of the studied P2-receptors were expressed in both rat and human hearts. Furthermore, the P2X1- and P2Y2-receptor mRNA were upregulated in CHF, suggesting a pathophysiological role for these receptors in the development of heart failure.",
keywords = "P2Y, P2X, receptor, quantitative RT-PCR, congestive heart failure",
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