Influence of the np Interaction on the Beta Decay of 94Pd

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title = "Influence of the np Interaction on the Beta Decay of 94Pd",
abstract = "We present results from stopped beam rare isotope spectroscopic investigations at the GSI (RISING) experiment based on the detection of gamma-ray transitions following the beta decay of Pd-94. A comparison between the measured low-lying level scheme of Rh-94 and the prediction from shell-model calculations reveals the important roles of the g(7/2) and g(9/2) orbitals in explaining the structural features. The low values of the Gamow-Teller strengths B(GT) can be attributed to the influence of the neutron-proton interaction, which gives rise to an increased seniority mixing for the nuclear states, thereby leading to a fragmentation of the strength to several daughter levels. These results provide further strong indications that Pd-94 resides in the middle of a structural transition region in the Pd isotopes as the N = Z line is approached.",
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