Innovation waves and technological transitions: Sweden, 1909-2016

Research output: Working paper


title = "Innovation waves and technological transitions: Sweden, 1909-2016",
abstract = "There are important unresolved questions about long-term trends of in- novation activity and the nature of the interplay between innovation and economic development and transformation. This study explores the promise of a literature-based innovation output indicator, constructed for the Swedish engineering industry, 1909-2016. The findings suggest a long-run increasing trend in innovations per capita. Meanwhile, product innovations have also become more complex and it is suggested that crude innovation counts underestimate the long-run innovation performance. In order to analyse innovation and economic development across different frequencies, the study uses a wavelet decomposition approach. The results suggest that innovation activity has surged in periods of intense industry rationalization and struc- tural crisis (1930s, 1970s and 2010s) and that such pulses were intimately connected to the second and third industrial revolutions.",
keywords = "Innovation, Wavelet analysis, Technological systems, N13, O31, O14",
author = "Josef Taalbi",
year = "2019",
language = "English",
series = "Lund Papers in Economic History. General Issues",
publisher = "Department of Economic History, Lund University",
number = "2019:196",
type = "WorkingPaper",
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