Integration with other data and systems

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title = "Integration with other data and systems",
abstract = "As the new generation of Information Technology is progressing at a rapid pace, with big data establishing a trend in organisations, integration between systems becomes substantial. In this chapter, we particularly look at information security as a system that has become an essential part of Business Intelligence (BI). BI systems represent one type of decision support system (DSS) with a focus on data analysing and presenting actionable information to decision-makers in an accessible and visual manner (Watson and Wixom, 2007). The way business information is presented and delivered through BI (Watson, 2009) can provide support to employees’ decision-making processes (Kowalczyk and Buxmann, 2014; Popovic et al., 2012) and affect organisational knowledge (Shollo and Galliers, 2015). In recent years, BI has been integrated aggressively in many different industries (Arnott and Pervan, 2008), including retail, telecommunication, healthcare, transportation and financial services (Chaudhuri et al., 2011). The rapid growth of mobile computing (Arnott and Pervan, 2014; Hosack et al., 2012) is challenging and changing the BI field (Watson, 2009). Mobile technologies extend BI usage scenario beyond users’ office desks and hours, giving rise to an extension of BI, coined as mobile business intelligence (m-BI). m-BI is defined as “data-driven decision support applications on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers” (Power, 2013, p. 6).",
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