Interaction between amphiphilic peptides and phospholipid membranes

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title = "Interaction between amphiphilic peptides and phospholipid membranes",
abstract = "This brief review aims at providing some illustrative examples on the interaction between amphiphilic peptides and phospholipid membranes an area of significant current interest Focusing on antimicrobial peptides factors affecting peptide-membrane interactions are addressed including effects of peptide length charge hydrophobicity secondary structure and topology Effects of membrane composition are also illustrated including effects of membrane charge nature of the polar headgroup and presence of cholesterol and other sterols Throughout novel insights on the importance of peptide adsorption density on membrane stability are emphasized as is the correlation between peptide adsorption peptide induced leakage in model liposome systems peptide-induced lysis of bacteria and bacteria killing (C) 2010 Elsevier Ltd All rights reserved",
keywords = "Liposome, Bacteria, AMP, Antimicrobial peptide, Membrane",
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