Investigation of Small Pilot Combustion in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine

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title = "Investigation of Small Pilot Combustion in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine",
abstract = "Factors influencing pilot-injection combustion were investigated using heat release analysis in a heavy-duty diesel engine fuelled with standard diesel fuel. Combinations of pilot-injection parameters i.e. pilot start of injection, pilot mass, pilot-main injection separation, and rail pressure were studied for various operating conditions and combustion phases. An experiment was designed to investigate the factors influencing the combustion of the pilot. For improved injected fuel-mass accuracy, reference data for the injectors were measured in a spray rig prior to the engine experiments. Results show that cycle-to-cycle variations and cylinder-to-cylinder variations influence pilot autoignition and the amount of heat released. Rail pressure and injected pilot mass affect the obtained variance depending on the chamber conditions. The obtained combustion modes (premixed, diffusive) of pilot combustion were found to be a function of the injected mass and rail pressure.",
author = "{Jorques Moreno}, Carlos and Ola Stenlaas and Per Tunestal",
year = "2017",
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doi = "10.4271/2017-01-0718",
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