Is label-free LC-MS/MS ready for biomarker discovery?

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title = "Is label-free LC-MS/MS ready for biomarker discovery?",
abstract = "Label-free LC-MS methods are attractive for high-throughput quantitative proteomics, as the sample processing is straightforward and can be scaled to a large number of samples. Label-free methods therefore facilitate biomarker discovery in studies involving dozens of clinical samples. However, despite the increased popularity of label-free workflows, there is a hesitance in the research community to use it in clinical proteomics studies. Therefore, we here discuss pros and cons of label free LC-MS/MS for biomarker discovery, and delineate the main prerequisites for its successful employment. Furthermore, we cite studies where label-free LC-MS/MS was successfully used to identify novel biomarkers, and foresee an increased acceptance of label-free techniques by the proteomics community in the near future. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.",
author = "Marianne Sandin and Aakash Chawade and Fredrik Levander",
year = "2015",
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