Isolation of a rat immune response gene identical to an alleged mouse A class II β-chain pseudogene

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A human HLA-DQ β-chain cDNA was used as a probe to identify and isolate a rat major histocompatibility antigen β-chain gene from a genomic library constructed in the vector λ Charon 28 using Wistar rat DNA (RT1u). The isolated exon of the rat gene (RT1.Bβ2) encoding a β-chain second domain was found to share 93% nucleotide homology with a mouse A β2 exon. Although the genomic organization of this gene is consistent with the hypothesis that it represents a pseudogene, the remarkable preservation of a specific sequence favors the view that this class II antigen β-chain gene has retained its coding function.


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Publication statusPublished - 1985 Dec 1
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