Isomeric Decay Studies Around 204Pt and 148Tb

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title = "Isomeric Decay Studies Around 204Pt and 148Tb",
abstract = "Relativistic energy projectile fragmentation of Pb-208 has been used to produce a range of exotic nuclei. The nuclei of interest were studied by detecting delayed gamma rays following the decay of isomeric states. Experimental information on the excited states of the neutron-rich N = 126 nucleus, Pt-204, following internal decay of two isomeric states, was obtained for the first time. In addition, decays from the previously reported isomeric I=27h and I=(49/2)h states in Tb-148 and Gd-147, respectively, have been observed. These isomeric decays represent the highest spin discrete states observed to date following a projectile fragmentation reaction, and opens further the possibility of doing 'high-spin physics' using this technique.",
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