Isomeric States Observed in Heavy Neutron-rich Nuclei Populated in the Fragmentation of a 208Pb Beam

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Heavy neutron-rich nuclei were populated via the fragmentation of a E/A = 1 GeV Pb-208(82) beam. Secondary fragments were separated and identified and subsequently implanted in a passive stopper. By the detection of delayed gamma rays, isomeric decays associated with these nuclei have been identified. A total of 49 isomers were detected, with the majority of them observed for the first time. The newly discovered isomers are in Hg-204,205(80), Au-201,202,204,205(79), Pt-197,203,204(78), Ir-195,199-203(77), Os-193,197-199(76), Re-196(75), W-190,191(74), and Ta-189(73). Possible level schemes are constructed and the structure of the nuclei discussed. To aid the interpretation, shell-model as well as BCS calculations were performed.


  • S. J. Steer
  • Zs. Podolyak
  • S. Pietri
  • M. Gorska
  • H. Grawe
  • K. H. Maier
  • P. H. Regan
  • A. B. Garnsworthy
  • Robert Hoischen
  • J. Gerl
  • H. J. Wollersheim
  • F. Becker
  • P. Bednarczyk
  • L. Caceres
  • P. Doornenbal
  • H. Geissel
  • J. Grebosz
  • A. Kelic
  • I. Kojouharov
  • N. Kurz
  • F. Montes
  • W. Prokopwicz
  • T. Saito
  • H. Schaffner
  • S. Tashenov
  • A. Heinz
  • M. Pfuetzner
  • T. Kurtukian-Nieto
  • G. Benzoni
  • A. Jungclaus
  • D. L. Balabanski
  • M. Bowry
  • C. Brandau
  • A. Brown
  • A. M. Bruce
  • W. N. Catford
  • I. J. Cullen
  • Zs. Dombradi
  • M. E. Estevez
  • W. Gelletly
  • G. Ilie
  • J. Jolie
  • G. A. Jones
  • M. Kmiecik
  • F. G. Kondev
  • R. Kruecken
  • S. Lalkovski
  • Z. Liu
  • A. Maj
  • S. Myalski
  • S. Schwertel
  • T. Shizuma
  • P. M. Walker
  • E. Werner-Malento
  • O. Wieland
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  • Subatomic Physics
Original languageEnglish
Article number044313
JournalPhysical Review C (Nuclear Physics)
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Publication categoryResearch

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