Label-free fast 3D coherent imaging reveals pancreatic islet micro-vascularization and dynamic blood flow

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title = "Label-free fast 3D coherent imaging reveals pancreatic islet micro-vascularization and dynamic blood flow",
abstract = "In diabetes, pancreatic {\ss}-cells play a key role. These cells are clustered within structures called islets of Langerhans inside the pancreas and produce insulin, which is directly secreted into the blood stream. The dense vascularization of islets of Langerhans is critical for maintaining a proper regulation of blood glucose homeostasis and is known to be affected from the early stage of diabetes. The deep localization of these islets inside the pancreas in the abdominal cavity renders their in vivo visualization a challenging task. A fast label-free imaging method with high spatial resolution is required to study the vascular network of islets of Langerhans. Based on these requirements, we developed a label-free and three-dimensional imaging method for observing islets of Langerhans using extended-focus Fourier domain Optical Coherence Microscopy (xfOCM). In addition to structural imaging, this system provides threedimensional vascular network imaging and dynamic blood flow information within islets of Langerhans. We propose our method to deepen the understanding of the interconnection between diabetes and the evolution of the islet vascular network.",
keywords = "Biology, Flow diagnostics, Optical coherence tomography, Three-dimensional image acquisition",
author = "Corinne Berclaz and Daniel Szlag and David Nguyen and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Extermann and Arno Bouwens and Marchand, {Paul J.} and Julia Nilsson and Anja Schmidt-Christensen and Dan Holmberg and Anne Grapin-Botton and Theo Lasser",
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