Leadership studies: From procedure and abstraction to reflexivity and situation

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title = "Leadership studies: From procedure and abstraction to reflexivity and situation",
abstract = "This article reviews and develops the recent critique of empiricist quantitative and qualitative methods in social science in general, and leadership studies, in particular. It argues for an interpretive-reflective approach that fully acknowledges the theory-laden, interpretative nature of empirical studies and the ambiguity of ‘data’. In addition the political and historical character of social science and the constitutive nature of language are seen as crucial elements for consideration in reflective research. The article suggests the use of a situational approach and careful descriptions of naturally occuring events presented in texts in such ways that they are open for interpretations other than those chosen by the author.",
author = "Mats Alvesson",
year = "1996",
doi = "10.1016/S1048-9843(96)90002-8",
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