Limba română la NTNU în anul universitar 2010-2011

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title = "Limba rom{\^a}n{\u a} la NTNU {\^i}n anul universitar 2010-2011",
abstract = "The Romanian language lectureship in Trondheim was established on June, 5th, 2008. As a novelty the optional course in Romanian language made its debut in January 2009, for “the spring semester” of NTNU. The course is intended for students from all specializations. It is divided into Romanian 1 and Romanian 2, each of them holding 7. 5 credits. The course is concluded with an oral examination and a short dictation as means of assessment during the semester and the final four hours of the written exam. In the first semester of the third academic year, there were yet other students of NTNU who studied Romanian language: Einar Nour Afiouni, Aksel Larsen Storsanden, Linn Silje Opdahl Thun, Chung Hon Kwan. They had their final written exams in Romanian 1 and Romanian 2 on December, 7th, 2010. A new series of students started learning Romanian language in January, 2011: Ida Veiden Brakstad (MA in European History), Maria F{\o}rli, Nina Austad Merete (MA in Philosophy), Audun Hagen (a journalist of the regional newspaper Adresseavisen). They will have their final exams on May, 24th, 2011.",
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