L-Leucine methyl ester stimulates insulin secretion and islet glutamate dehydrogenase

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title = "L-Leucine methyl ester stimulates insulin secretion and islet glutamate dehydrogenase",
abstract = "Column perifusion of collagenase-isolated mouse pancreatic islets was used to study the dynamics of insulin release in experiments lasting for several hours. The methyl esters of L-leucine and L-arginine were synthetised. Whereas L-arginine methyl ester (L-arginine OMe) had no effect, L-leucine OMe stimulated the release of insulin. The effect of L-leucine OMe was maximal at 5 mmol/liter. Whereas the K(m) for glucose-stimulated insulin release was unaffected by 1 mmol/liter L-leucine OMe, the maximal release of D-glucose was increased by the amino acid derivative that appeared more effective than L-leucine. L-Leucine OMe was also a potent stimulus of insulin release from the perfused mouse pancreas. In the presence of 10 mmol/liter L-glutamine, 1 mmol/liter L-leucine OMe induced a 50- to 75-fold increase in insulin release. A similar stimulatory effect was also observed in column-perifused RIN 5F cells, a cloned rat islet tumor cell line. A twofold increase in islet glutamate dehydrogenase activity was induced by 5 mmol/liter L-leucine OMe, a larger effect than that of L-leucine (P < 0.02), whereas L-arginine OMe had a small inhibitory effect. We conclude that L-leucine OMe is a potent stimulus of insulin secretion and that its effect on the β-cells may be exerted by activating islet glutamate dehydrogenase.",
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