Locating Value in Moral Progress

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title = "Locating Value in Moral Progress",
abstract = "The endeavour to locate value in moral progress faces various substantive as well as more formal challenges. This paper focuses on challenges of the latter kind. After some preliminaries, Section 3 introduces two general kinds of “evaluative moral progress-claims”, and outlines a possible novel analysis of a (quasi) descriptive notion of moral progress. While Section 4 discusses certain logical features of betterness in light of recent work in value theory which are pertinent to the notion of moral progress, Sections 5 and 6 outline the ambiguous character of “making moral progress”",
keywords = "moral progress, value comparisons, betterness, value incomparability, value dualism",
author = "Toni R{\o}nnow-Rasmussen",
year = "2015",
language = "English",
note = "Moral Progress: Concept, Measurement, and Application, June 2015 ; Conference date: 24-06-2015 Through 26-06-2015",