Long-term cost and effect on quality of life of osteoporosis-related fractures in Sweden

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title = "Long-term cost and effect on quality of life of osteoporosis-related fractures in Sweden",
abstract = "Background and purpose Few economic or quality-of-life studies have investigated the long-term consequences of fragility fractures. This prospective observational data collection study assessed the cost and quality of life related to hip, vertebral, and wrist fracture 13-18 months after the fracture, based on 684 patients surviving 18 months after fracture. Patients and methods Data regarding resource use and quality of life related to fractures was collected using questionnaires at 7 research centers in Sweden. Information was collected using patient records, register sources, and by asking the patient. Quality of life was estimated using the EQ-5D questionnaire. Direct and indirect costs were estimated from a societal standpoint. Results The mean fracture-related cost 13-18 months after a hip, vertebral, or wrist fracture were estimated to be (sic)2,422, (sic)3,628, and (sic)316, respectively. Between 12 and 18 months after hip, vertebral, and wrist fracture, utility increased by 0.03, 0.05, and 0.02, respectively. Compared to prefracture levels, the mean loss in quality of life between 13 and 18 months after fracture was estimated to be 0.05, 0.11, and 0.005 for hip, vertebral, and wrist fracture. Interpretation The sample of vertebral fracture patients was fairly small and included a high proportion of fractures leading to hospitalization, but the results indicate higher long-term costs and greater loss in quality of life related to vertebral fracture than previously believed.",
author = "Oskar Strom and Fredrik Borgstrom and Niklas Zethraeus and Olof Johnell and Lars Lidgren and Sari Ponzer and Olle Svensson and Peter Abdon and Ewald Ornstein and Leif Ceder and Thorngren, {Karl Goran} and Ingemar Sernbo and Bengt J{\"o}nsson",
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