Lucian Blaga și teatrul: Eseu despre absolutul estetic

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title = "Lucian Blaga și teatrul: Eseu despre absolutul estetic",
abstract = "The book analyzes each of the ten plays written by Lucian Blaga, with a focus both on Romanian mythology/history/cultural identity and on the European influences (such as philosophical - Spengler, Nietzsche etc., psychological - Jung, Freud, literary - Wedekind, Strindberg.). All plays are related to Lucian Blaga's larger work - poetry, philosophy, essay, memoirs.",
keywords = "expressionism, Romania, myths, theater, Lucian Blaga, church, carter, creator, herald, Orthodoxy, role, voivode, creation, Freudian insight, instincts, love, Crusade, confession, Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, religious fanaticism, earth, masons, sacrifice, woman, Hermanstadt, Dionysian, Lutheranism, Middle Age, Orthodox, pantheism, Romanian, Transylvania, Zalmoxis, Appolonian-Dyonisian opposition, The Blind One, Orpheus, Dacians, subconscious, sublimate, sexuality, psychoanalyze, kitsch, Jung, Freud, Eros, daemonic, ascetic, legend, Avram Iancu, mentality, myth, Romanians, spirituality",
author = "Lucian Bagiu",
note = "The book was awarded the prize for essay on the behalf of the Romanian Writers' Union, Alba-Hunedoara branch, December, 18th, 2015.",
year = "2014",
language = "rum{\"a}nska",
isbn = "978-606-676-496-4",
series = "OPERA OMNIA publicistic{\u a} {\c s}i eseu contemporan",
publisher = "Tipo Moldova",