Magnetoresistance in Mn ion-implanted GaAs:Zn nanowires

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title = "Magnetoresistance in Mn ion-implanted GaAs:Zn nanowires",
abstract = "We have investigated the magnetoresistance (MR) in a series of Zn doped (p-type) GaAs nanowires implanted with different Mn concentrations. The nanowires with the lowest Mn concentration (similar to 0.0001%) exhibit a low resistance of a few k Omega at 300 K and a 4% positive MR at 1.6 K, which can be well described by invoking a spin-split subband model. In contrast, nanowires with the highest Mn concentration (4%) display a large resistance of several M Omega at 300 K and a large negative MR of 85% at 1.6 K. The large negative MR is interpreted in terms of spin-dependent hopping in a complex magnetic nanowire landscape of magnetic polarons, separated by intermediate regions of Mn impurity spins. Sweeping the magnetic field back and forth for the 4% sample reveals a hysteresis that indicates the presence of a weak ferromagnetic phase. We propose co-doping with Zn to be a promising way to reach the goal of realizing ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxAs nanowires for future nanospintronics. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.",
author = "Waldomiro Paschoal and Sandeep Kumar and Daniel Jacobsson and A. Johannes and Vishal Jain and Canali, {C. M.} and A. Pertsova and C. Ronning and {Dick Thelander}, Kimberly and Lars Samuelson and H{\aa}kan Pettersson",
year = "2014",
doi = "10.1063/1.4870423",
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journal = "Applied Physics Letters",
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