Masculinising domesticity: an investigation of men’s domestic foodwork

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title = "Masculinising domesticity: an investigation of men’s domestic foodwork",
abstract = "This study examines how men configure their gendered identity in relation to a traditionally feminised domain. Hegemonic masculinity is said to structure men’s dominance over women. We use the lens of hegemonic masculinity along with social fields of cultural production to understand new allocations of status capital in relation to gendered identity work. Sweden, a country permeated by an ideology of egalitarianism and having a history of high economic and symbolic incentives for the domestic field, has seemingly legitimised the domestic consumption field in the search for higher status. By exploring the transforming meanings of masculinity when men enter a traditionally feminine consumption domain in this particular cultural context, we identify how feminised masculinities are shaped into hegemonic masculinity. This in turn suggests that the currently most honoured way of being a man includes forms of masculinities that incorporate egalitarian relationships between men and women.",
keywords = "hegemonic masculinity, gender identity, social field, domesticity, consumer culture",
author = "Marcus Klasson and Sofia Ulver",
year = "2015",
doi = "10.1080/0267257X.2015.1078395",
language = "English",
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