Measurements of collisional broadening coefficients by infrared polarization spectroscopy

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title = "Measurements of collisional broadening coefficients by infrared polarization spectroscopy",
abstract = "We present measurements of collisional broadening coefficients, obtained at atmospheric pressure, by polarization spectroscopy. Using tunable single mode laser radiation at similar to 2 pro, high-resolution infrared polarization spectra were recorded for CO2-Ar and CO2-He binary mixtures. The recorded polarization spectra were fitted with a Lorentzian cubed function form to obtain the broadening coefficients. The full-width at half-maxima (FWHM) collisional broadening rates of CO2 by Ar and He, for the R14 (12(0)1 <- 00(0)0) line, have been determined to be 0.161 +/- 0.018 cm(-1) atm(-1) and 0.1823 +/- 0.0032 cm(-1) atm(-1), respectively.",
keywords = "collisional broadening, polarization spectroscopy, CO2, line shape",
author = "Alwahabi, {Z. T.} and Johan Zetterberg and Zhongshan Li and Marcus Ald{\'e}n",
year = "2007",
doi = "10.1366/000370207780466163",
language = "English",
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