Microcalorimetric investigations of building materials

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title = "Microcalorimetric investigations of building materials",
abstract = "{"}This report presents the results of ten projects in which we have used microcalorimetric techniques to study processes in building materials. Except for in cement research, microcalorimetry has not been much used on building materials. The microcalorimetric technique is extremely versatile, mainly because it is a very basic property (heat) that is measured. We hope that this report may encourage others to use rnicrocalorimetry in building material science{"}. Other co-authors are: Jonny Bjurman, Elisabeth B{\"a}ckstr{\"o}m, H{\aa}kan H{\aa}kansson, Bj{\"o}rn Johannesson, Paul Sandberg, Lubica Wessman.",
author = "Lars Wads{\"o}",
year = "1994",
language = "English",
volume = "3063",
series = "Report TVBM",
publisher = "Division of Building Materials, LTH, Lund University",