Migrant Seascapes: Visualised Spaces of Political Exclusion

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title = "Migrant Seascapes: Visualised Spaces of Political Exclusion ",
abstract = "News images have played a defining role in the unfolding narratives of what has become known as the European migration crisis. Throughout the coverage of the crisis, a predominant and enduring image has been of photographs documenting the migrant journey by sea. This paper takes a closer look at these images, as a vehicle which shifts the narrative of the crisis as one defined by a territorial and political exclusion of the migrant. This analysis positions these images within an art historical context, wherein the motif of seascapes has articulated particular modes of political exclusion. I will analyze two examples of images of migrants at sea and relate these with two iconic seascapes, namely Th{\'e}odore G{\'e}ricault's the Raft of Medusa and the abolitionist commissioned diagrammatic drawing of the Brookes Slave Ship. I then consider these works within the backdrop of political philosophy, in particular, Thomas Hobbes' concept of a state of nature in opposition to the political state. In examining these mediated images of the migrant journey within the intersected discourse of art history and political philosophy, I aim to reveal some particularities on a contemporary arena of uncertainty, which engulfs not only the figure of the migrant but by relation, the legitimization of nationality. ",
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