Mobility of near surface MOVPE grown InGaAs/InP quantum wells

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title = "Mobility of near surface MOVPE grown InGaAs/InP quantum wells",
abstract = "In this work, we study the electron mobility of near surface metal organic vapor phase epitaxy-grown InGaAs quantum wells. We utilize Hall mobility measurements in conjunction with simulations to quantify the surface charge defect density. Buried quantum wells are limited by polar optical phonon scattering at room temperature. In contrast, the quantum wells directly at the surface are limited by remote charge impurity scattering from defects situated at the III-V/oxide interface or inside the oxide, showing a mobility of 1500 cm2/V s. Passivating the InGaAs surface by depositing an oxide reduces the amount of defects at the interface, increasing the mobility to 2600 cm2/V s. ",
author = "Lasse S{\"o}dergren and Garigapati, {Navya Sri} and Mattias Borg and Erik Lind",
year = "2020",
month = jul,
day = "6",
doi = "10.1063/5.0006530",
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journal = "Applied Physics Letters",
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