MOCCA-SURVEY Database I: Is NGC 6535 a dark star cluster harbouring an IMBH?

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title = "MOCCA-SURVEY Database I: Is NGC 6535 a dark star cluster harbouring an IMBH?",
abstract = "We describe the dynamical evolution of a unique type of dark star cluster model in which the majority of the cluster mass at Hubble time is dominated by an intermediate-mass black hole (IMBH). We analysed results from about 2000 star cluster models (Survey Database I) simulated using the Monte Carlo code MOnte Carlo Cluster simulAtor and identified these dark star cluster models. Taking one of these models, we apply the method of simulating realistic ‘mock observations’ by utilizing the Cluster simulatiOn Comparison with ObservAtions (COCOA) and Simulating Stellar Cluster Observation (SISCO) codes to obtain the photometric and kinematic observational properties of the dark star cluster model at 12 Gyr. We find that the perplexing Galactic globular cluster NGC 6535 closely matches the observational photometric and kinematic properties of the dark star cluster model presented in this paper. Based on our analysis and currently observed properties of NGC 6535, we suggest that this globular cluster could potentially harbour an IMBH. If it exists, the presence of this IMBH can be detected robustly with proposed kinematic observations of NGC 6535.",
author = "Abbas Askar and Paolo Bianchini and Vita, {Ruggero de} and Mirek Giersz and Arkadiusz Hypki and Sebastian Kamann",
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