Models for the Insulin Response to Intravenous Glucose

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title = "Models for the Insulin Response to Intravenous Glucose",
abstract = "The Grodsky packet storage model describes many features of insulin release, but at present more or less arbitrary simplifications are necessary. The consequences of various simplifications are discussed, especially with regard to identification of parameters thought to be of importance for glucose tolerance. In particular, the insulin release dynamics of the ordinary intravenous glucose tolerance test is examined. The proposed model contains the following features: It considers arterial rather than venous blood glucose concentration as the stimulus, it takes the glucose injection time into account, and it contains a positive derivative term during the rise of the glucose concentration. When the insulin elimination-rate time constant is fixed to an a priori value, model fitting gives a clear quantification of the sensitivity of early and late insulin release to glucose.",
author = "Per Hagander and Karl-G{\"o}ran Tranberg and Jan Thorell and {DiStefano III}, Joseph",
year = "1978",
month = "11",
doi = "10.1016/0025-5564(78)90003-2",
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