Moiré method for nanometer instability investigation of scanning hard x-ray microscopes

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title = "Moir{\'e} method for nanometer instability investigation of scanning hard x-ray microscopes",
abstract = "We present a Moir{\'e} method that can be used to investigate positional instabilities in a scanning hard x-ray microscope with nanometer precision. The development of diffractionlimited storage rings offering highly-brilliant synchrotron radiation and improvements of nanofocusing x-ray optics paves the way towards 3D nanotomography with 10 nm resolution or below. However, this trend demands improved designs of x-ray microscope instruments which should offer few-nm beam stabilities with respect to the sample. Our technique can measure the position of optics and sample stage relative to each other in the two directions perpendicular to the beam propagation in a scanning x-ray microscope using simple optical components and visible light. The usefulness of the method was proven by measuring short and long term instabilities of a zone-plate-optics-based prototype microscope. We think it can become an important tool for the characterization of scanning x-ray microscopes, especially prior to experiments with an actual x-ray beam.",
author = "Ulrich Vogt and Daniel K{\"o}hler and Jannis Dickmann and Jussi Rahom{\"a}ki and Karolis Parfeniukas and Stefan Kubsky and Filipe Alves and Florent Langlois and Christer Engblom and Tomas Stankevic",
year = "2017",
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doi = "10.1364/OE.25.012188",
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