Molecular biology of Bacillus subtilis cytochromes

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title = "Molecular biology of Bacillus subtilis cytochromes",
abstract = "Bacillus subtilis cells must have cytochromes for growth and can synthesize cytochromes of a-, b-, c-, d-, and o-types. After a long lag, our knowledge of the structure, genetics and specific role for these cytochromes is now growing exponentially as the result of recent research. This progress is reviewed here and includes, for example, the discovery of two different cytochrome a systems and genes required for their biogenesis.",
author = "Lars Hederstedt and {von Wachenfeldt}, Claes",
year = "1992",
doi = "10.1016/0378-1097(92)90194-S",
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journal = "FEMS Microbiology Letters",
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