Monitoring of power system events at transmission and distribution level

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title = "Monitoring of power system events at transmission and distribution level",
abstract = "Monitoring of events in the power system provides a great deal of insight into the behavior of the system. Events with impact on the entire power system typically occur in or near the transmission network and are therefore best monitored at transmission system substations. This puts great demands on the equipment and in general restricts the use of the data since it becomes property of the transmission system operator. An alternative is to measure at lower voltage levels. This paper documents the close agreement between voltage and frequency at low and high voltage levels during a remote and a nearby fault in the transmission network. The very high quality of the data suggests that valuable information about the transmission system can be obtained at lower voltages.",
keywords = "power system faults, monitoring, power system dynamic stability, power system",
author = "Olof Samuelsson and Morten Hemmingsson and A Nielsen and K Pedersen and J Rasmussen",
year = "2006",
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