Multi-Dimensional Framework of Rural Supply Chain Management: Moving towards new research perspectives

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title = "Multi-Dimensional Framework of Rural Supply Chain Management: Moving towards new research perspectives",
abstract = "Purpose:This paper aims to present an exploratory view of rural supply chain management (RSCM) and furthermore, to provide a framework to facilitate further study and research. The paper also identifies future research directions derived from the framework.Design/methodology/approach:Based on the limited literature in the field, this paper adopts an inductive approach using an interdisciplinary panel of international experts.Findings:The findings pinpoint that RSCM is multi-faced and classifies the research area into four main dimensions and lenses, resulting in a holistic framework which brings together the wide-ranging character of the areas. The four proposed overarching dimensions of RSCM are; rural logistics, policy, community and innovation.Research limitations/implications:The research shows that there exists an explicit need for more research on RSCM. This paper provides a foundation for future examination of, and theory building in, this research area. Specifically, it highlights a significant number of opportunities for further research for scholars from various disciplines.Practical implications:This paper can support the development of rural markets and businesses while they cope with the logistical challenges (e.g. scale effects) particularly relevant to retail and service industries. It also enables leveraging opportunities (e.g. heterogeneity and identity) in these areas.Original/value:This work represents the first initiative to present a comprehensive view of RSCM, and expands supply chain management beyond focal firms to consider the ecosystem posited to be a requisite in the study of the concept of RSCM.",
keywords = "Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Digitalisation, Logistics, Rural",
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year = "2018",
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