Multiparticle-hole States of High Spin in N

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title = "Multiparticle-hole States of High Spin in N",
abstract = "The lifetimes of the 21/2(+) and 17/2(-) yrast states in Nb-89, Mo-89 and Tc-91 and of the 334 keV 5/2(-) state in Nb-87 were determined via the electronic timing method. The nuclei were populated by means of the VICKSI pulsed Ar-36 beam impinging on a Ni-58 target. The lifetimes measured for the first time are: Mo-89: 2271 keV 17/2(-) tau = 1.6(4) ns; 2584 keV 21/2(+) tau = 13.7(3) ns; Nb-87: 334 keV 5/2(-) tau = 41(3) ns. The resulting B(E2) values of stretched E2-decay gamma-rays largely confirm predictions of multiparticle shell model calculations carried out within the (g(9/2),p(1/2)) single-particle space and with the Gross-Frenkel residual interaction. The long lifetime of the 334 keV state in Nb-87 arises from an f(5/2) excitation.",
author = "D. Kast and Lieb, {K. P.} and Gross, {C. J.} and A. Jungclaus and Dirk Rudolph and R. Schubart and H. Grawe and J. Heese",
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year = "1995",
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