Multitasking Real-Time Control Systems in Easy Java Simulations

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title = "Multitasking Real-Time Control Systems in Easy Java Simulations",
abstract = "The paper presents the development of interactive real-time control labs using Easy Java Simulations (Ejs). Ejs is a free software tool that allows rapid creation of interactive simulations in Java. A new TrueTime-based kernel has been designed in Ejs in order to create multitasking real-time system simulations as well as soft real-time applications. The main features of these new capabilities are presented.",
author = "Gonzalo Farias and Anton Cervin and Karl-Erik {\AA}rz{\'e}n and Sebasti{\'a}n Dormido and Francisco Esquembre",
year = "2008",
language = "English",
note = "17th IFAC World Congress, 2008 ; Conference date: 06-07-2008 Through 11-07-2008",