Näher am Trauma: Aleksievičs "letzte Zeugen" im Vergleich

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title = "N{\"a}her am Trauma: Aleksievi{\v c}s {"}letzte Zeugen{"} im Vergleich",
abstract = "The editing process to which Svetlana Alexievich subjects her texts has repeatedly been cause for criticism. Her treatment of the documentary material does not stand up to a critical assessment of her sources. However, this approach is closely linked to the core of the message in her books: memories and feelings demand forms other than objective facts. Alexievich's successive re-workings reduce the documentary aspect and intensify the literary nature of her texts. As a result, the individual message also becomes a universal one, and is brought closer to the reader. While reading her work, the function of the {"}ethical subject{"} involved in the testimony is transferred from the author to the reader.",
author = "Johanna Lindbladh",
year = "2018",
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journal = "Osteuropa: Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Gegenwartsfragen des Ostens",
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