Nano-aperture fabrication for single quantum dot spectroscopy

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title = "Nano-aperture fabrication for single quantum dot spectroscopy",
abstract = "We present a simple and controllable method for fabricating nano-apertures in a metal film using polystyrene nano-spheres as masks during the metal evaporation. We show how the processing conditions used during deposition of the spheres such as spin velocity, nano-sphere concentration and a reduction of the surface tension interplay and control the distribution of spheres. The fabrication method is ideal for luminescence studies by isolating individual nanometre-sized objects, which is exemplified by photoluminescence spectroscopy of single self-assembled Stranski-Krastanow quantum dots.",
author = "Ulf H{\aa}kanson and Jonas Persson and Filip Persson and Hans Svensson and Lars Montelius and Johansson, {Mikael K-j}",
year = "2003",
doi = "10.1088/0957-4484/14/6/321",
language = "English",
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